July 1, 2015

3 Office Space Hacks for Your Business

Rapid growth is a problem that most companies would love to have, but it is a problem none the less.Hiring new team members can quickly create a space issue. Where will employees sit? How will resources be allocated? It is important to have a plan for rapid growth to ensure that your team remains productive and morale remains strong.Here are three office space hacks to help you navigate the waters of an overcrowded work area.

Create Shared Office Spaces

Office walls and cubicles take up a lot of space. Shared office spaces and open floor plans can allow for “found space” for new employees during periods of rapid growth. If this sounds too “new age” for your company, consider this: global computing giant Cisco recently published their own shared office space success story.Leadership began to see that meeting rooms were often in short supply, while offices and cubicles remained vacant 65 percent of the time. To help maximize both space and collaboration, they started giving employees the freedom to choose where they worked, based upon the demands of the task. They gave up assigned desks and cubicles, and allowed workers to sit wherever they needed to or felt most comfortable throughout the day. The result was an increase in both productivity and employee morale.If you’ve got more people than offices or cubes, think about adopting nontraditional ways to maximize the space you do have.

Create a Virtual, Rather than Physical Presence

There was a time when physical presence was required to conduct business. If you wanted to expand into a new market, you had to take on the cost of renting space and building a team in that physical location. Thanks to the rise of mobile computing, the need for a physical team has been reduced.Many companies choose to lease small offices in a new location, perhaps staffed by one administrative employee, with core team members visiting the location as needed. This arrangement gives the company a physical address and a local presence, without significantly increasing overhead.Also, corporate addresses are an increasingly popular option. A corporate address allows you to create presence in a regional location with a physical mailing address without having any actual office space.

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Share the Rent

If you’ve simply run out of room at your home office, but you’re not quite ready to take on the expense of a giant office, consider a shared economy. Choose one department or team to move to a new location and share the rest of the space or sublet it to a partner, vendor or a startup company that is also looking for office space. Splitting the cost of the building will keep overhead low, and proximity can lead to strong partnerships that are beneficial to the company in the long run. If your company continues to grow, you’ll have room to expand within that new space without having to look for yet another location.Knowing just how to maximize your office space can be difficult. If your Western Pennsylvania business is expanding and you’re looking for creative ideas, reach out to the commercial real estate professionals at ACRES today. We can help you objectively assess your needs for today and for tomorrow, and we will connect you with a commercial office space that will allow your business to continue to thrive.

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