July 22, 2015

Shared Office Spaces in the Pittsburgh Area to Check Out

When you’re growing a small business, expenses and overhead can create a serious drain on your profits.Many small companies are forced to work out of a home, cobbling together meeting time and collaboration at local coffee shops, restaurants, or rented conference rooms.The good news? There is a solution that can save small companies up to 60% of typical startup costs. Shared office space. In a shared space, multiple companies converge under one roof and spread out the cost of resources for a highly-reduced monthly rent.For Pittsburgh business owners, there is no shortage of shared office spaces in the city and the suburbs. Here is just a small cross-section of some of the innovate spaces that cater to a variety of industries and offer multiple membership and payment options to suit any budget.

North Hills/Wexford/Cranberry Township: Shared Suite North

Located in Wexford, PA, Shared Suite North is an ideal location for growing businesses in the North Hills. Nestled in among other professional office buildings, Shared Suite North is an ideal location for business owners who want to project a strong image to clients, or for businesses who employ virtual and remote workersThe rent is priced right, and all participating companies have access to private offices, internet, a welcoming reception area, a conference room, convenient parking, a professional telephone answering service, administrative support and more. Janitorial expenses are covered in the monthly rent, which means you won’t have to run around cleaning and straightening before a big meeting, and coffee and water are available for tenants and guests from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Pittsburgh Uptown: StartUptown

Located on Fifth Avenue in the Keystone Innovation Zone, StartUptown is one of Pittsburgh’s oldest shared office spaces that kicked off before “coworking” became a startup buzzword. While the space is geared towards technology firms, they are home to a variety of businesses ranging from design to bioengineering, StartUptown also offers mentorships for new businesses and qualifying companies may be eligible for tax breaks.

Pittsburgh Downtown: BrunoWorks

If you dream of having office space in the heart of Downtown, BrunoWorks makes it possible. Any type of business is welcome to join, but artists and creative companies may find a home here. In addition to standard office space, internet and supplies, BrunoWorks also offers light kits, photo backdrops, art supplies and tripods. The lofted space boasts ample windows that let in a great deal of natural light for creative projects.

Allentown: The Hardware Store

Allentown is home to some exciting new projects and development, and The Hardware Store is home base for small businesses who want to be a part of Allentown’s cultural and business renaissance. The space encourages deliberate collaboration between member businesses and offers some unique features such as a podcasting production room, VO booths, and a green screen room.

Millvale: Open Floor

Millvale is another area of Pittsburgh that is undergoing a renaissance. As the price of real estate in Lawrenceville continues to skyrocket, many savvy Pittsburghers are heading out to Millvale to live, work and play.Open Floor operates out of a former ammunition factory, providing ample space for members to work, and caters to small manufacturing firms and artistic business that work in everything from fabrics to metals, though any type of business is welcome to join.If your growing company is on the hunt for affordable shared office space in Pittsburgh and you’re interested in learning more about a space like Shared Suite North, contact ACRES today.

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