May 13, 2015

4 Things to Look for in a Shared Office Space

The concept of shared office spaces is nothing new.

Since the invention of office space have business parceled work stations to individuals and fledgling businesses.

In fact, it's the start-ups and solopreneurs that have caused the shared office space movement of our modern day. This trend has caused an abundance of space opportunities to emerge all over the country. And for good reason too.Shared office spaces extend the power of formal space to people otherwise neglected in the search for a professional and focused environment.

Who Shared Office Space is For

  • Startups with Small Teams
  • Shared office spaces offer affordable spaces for small teams, the formality of an office environment and a nurturing community. In some cases, there are spaces dedicated to start ups with added programming to lead them to success.
  • Satellite Employees
  • As a satellite employee, you don't require large office space. You may only need a conveniently located work space of 250-400 square feet with a communal kitchen and reception area around the corner. That's exactly what shared office spaces can offer the satellite employee.
  • Solopreneuers
  • For the one-person shows launching their business, we venture in saying that shared suites are a must to get a business started on the right foot. The focused professional environment, the amenities and the community are what will set this space apart from your basement or home office.

Now, if you're looking around for a shared community to try, here are few things we advise you to keep in mind.

Keep Accessibility at the Forefront

Find a location that is easily accessible—ideally, you want somewhere that isn’t too far away from where you live and provides a relatively quick and smooth commute to and from. Since you're seeking out this space, you have more flexibility to decide where its located. Use this to the advantage of your work/life balance and also to the benefit of your productivity.This is a point that often gets overlooked during the honeymoon stage of shared office space touring. When finding the perfect location, you will want to scope out the traffic flow to see if you will be in an area that may be prone to traffic congestion.You also want to make sure that you're space is in close proximity to major roadways that can effectively get you to whatever destination may arise.

A Reception Area

An ideal shared office space will have secretarial/reception services.You want to take this into consideration as you peruse each community. Take your time to ask questions and see what accommodations will available to you if you should choose to become a tenant somewhere.

  • Inquire about mailing and phone services—are they provided? Is there additional cost, and if so, what?

Also, it is important to get a feel for the professionalism of the individual who is manning the front desk. They will be the first impression of your office and will be a natural extension of your business, so make sure they are friendly and accommodating.

Shared Amenities

It may not seem like a big concern on the list, but you should be aware of what each location has to offer in terms of true amenities.Here are a two things to put on your must-have checklist:

  • A public meeting place that you can book to sit down with large groups of people
  • A shared kitchen

Having a fully operational workspace will aid you in making all of those business deals.

Plentiful Parking

This item is often overlooked, but can be critical in the overall experience of your space. What is the parking situation like?

  • Is it abundant?
  • Is it free?
  • Is it available for your clients?

If you're in the market for a shared office space, and are looking in the northern-Pittsburgh region then put Wexford's Shared Suite community on your list of places to explore.

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