October 28, 2014

4 Tips for a Smoother Office Leasing Experience

The office leasing process should be a smooth and satisfying one for your organization.The bad news is that some organizations face challenges as they go through the experience. Spaces don't work out, furniture and staff don't get moved properly and sometimes deals even fall through altogether.The good news, however, is that office leasing doesn't have to be challenging. The process is meant to be fulfilling, and If you keep the right considerations in mind as you approach it then it will.Here are four tips for a smoother office leasing experience:

1.) Give Yourself Enough Time

The worst possible way to approach the office leasing process is in a rush. You'll make poor decisions in your haste and potentially end up in a place you don't want to be. In some cases, this requires you to change spaces yet again.This is easy to avoid. Just give yourself enough time.We recommend at the very minimum three months of lead time. This should give you enough to work with and make an educated decision that's best for your business. To be safe though, don't be afraid to give yourself six months from start to finish.

2.) Get the Right Agent

We never recommend going into the office leasing process alone, especially if you're a large business with a lot of needs.Seek an agent to represent you and rely on their expertise. They handle office leasing for businesses on a consistent basis and have a lot of knowledge that will benefit you.It's not only important to get an agent--it's vital to get the right one.Where experiences often enter dangerous territory is when organizations work with agents who they don't get along with or don't trust. Another reason you'll want to give yourself enough time is to select the right agent who will make your life easier.Don't rush into any kind of partnership--take your time, meet the person, look them in the eye and ask them questions that are pertinent to your process and your business. Find someone that you have a natural chemistry with and that best reflects your organization. After all, through this they act as a direct representation of your business.

3.) Provide the Right Point of Contact

All to often, organizations put the wrong people in charge of overseeing the office leasing process. It's not always the best idea to put the president or vice president on as the right point of contact, especially since those decision makers can be extremely busy.Find someone who is a decision maker--or can quickly access a decision maker--and is available to work with the real estate agent. Otherwise, there's a good chance your deal may fall through because actions are delayed.

4.) Keep Your Expectations Real

From start to finish, be sure to keep your expectations in check.Be very real about all of the environmental factors affecting your process. Take time to evaluate your budget, Class needs, location and space requirements. Work with your real estate agent to find a space that hits your basic requirements and then build up from there.At ACRES, we're dedicated to helping you experience the best process possible. We work with you at every stage and help you smoothly make it into your dream space from start to finish. If you'd like to work with us, or have any question, contact us.

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