September 3, 2014

Furnish Your Office to Impress and De-Stress

As working people, we spend a significant amount of time in our places of work.The average person spends at least 1,896 hours per year in their office. Many organizations have begun transitioning their workspaces into stress-reducing zones. This has been done through the use of relaxing wall colors, open-floor plans, using plants to increase oxygen and a number of other techniques to build calming areas.We have compiled a few ways for you to furnish your office to impress while keeping your clients and employees relaxed.

1. Plants

Have you ever walked into an office and noticed the amount of plants? They may seem like just another attempt at decorating, but they are actually increasing the oxygen and overall feel of the office.Using plants in the workspace can gives the room a crisper and brighter feel. Feng Shui experts suggest using plants like the Areca, Lady, Bamboo palms as well as the Rubber Plant, English Ivy and the Peace Lily.When choosing plants for the office, do your research. Some plants may not be able to handle the climate of your location. It’s best to stick with plants or flowers that don’t need a lot of light or water.

2. Lighting

You may be trying to enhance the spaces that don’t have access to windows. To do this, you will need some proper lighting.Try to bring in as much natural light as possible. Invest in lighting that will give you the illusion that there is natural light pouring in. Full spectrum lighting is the best way to go when enhancing a dull office space.

3. Open Floor Plans

Having an open floor plan in your office can encourage productivity and can increase relaxation. When employees are placed into cubicles or smaller working environments, they tend to feel boxed in and claustrophobic.

Open floor plans encourage community and give employees more room to breathe. You do want to make sure that when you choose an open floor plan that you are not hovering over employees as they work. Keep the positive energy flowing by showing your staff, or faculty, that you trust them.

As previously stated, we spend a great deal of time in our workspaces. If you have the opportunity to give your employees an ideal office then go buy some plants, proper lighting and move around the furniture. You never know what you’ll like until you try.

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