October 8, 2014

Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Office

Holidays can be a great way to bring an organization together. Whether you are looking for specific décor or something to spruce up a dull space, holiday decorating is a great idea for any office. There are a number of ideas to choose from, but we have selected a few concepts that work for any field.Here are our top three favorite holiday office-decorating ideas.Note: As with most of these ideas, you have to take into consideration that there are different holidays for varying religions and cultures. It is important to be sensitive to each one. While it is important for employees and employees to practice their faiths in an open way, it is crucial that your organization is considerate to every individual.

1.) Winter Cubicle/Office Decorating Contests

Winter is the perfect time to encourage creativity in the workplace. To enhance the community in your office, give your employees the opportunity to playfully compete against each other in an office/cubicle-decorating contest.The supplies needed for this type of project are minimal. Employees can use everyday objects such as: construction paper, Christmas lights, string, boxes, markers and any other supplies you are willing to purchase. It doesn’t take much willpower to transform a workspace into a winter wonderland or a concept from a fairytale.Whatever the incentive may be, be mindful of the individuals who may not want to participate.

2.) Office Trick or Treat

Pumpkins, acorns and autumn colors will add a touch of warmth to the office. Add in some office trick or treating and you have a great way to show your appreciation for employees.Allow employees to dress up (in appropriate attire) while you hand out a variety of snacks. Whether you are giving them chocolate or dried fruit, the idea is the same. Employees have the opportunity to be creative and playful while you show your appreciation for their hard work.Work doesn’t always have to be a serious business.

3.) Clue Themed Day

Create a mystery scene in the office and give your employees the clues needed to identify the culprit. This could be a work related mystery or something completely off topic. Be sure to give your employees an incentive.Be as creative as possible and explore your options. Involve your employees and take a poll to see what the majority would like to do for the holiday season.

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