June 24, 2015

Is Changing Offices Worth the Hassle?

Your company is growing and profits are strong. You’re hiring new employees and you’ve come to the realization that it is probably time to change offices and move to a bigger space with room for future growth.You settle in to start looking for a new space and it hits you: leasing office space is a hassle. There is research to be done, costs to consider, hypotheticals to imagine, site visits to endure and endless conversations with your real estate partner.Then, you’ve got to plan the move and with the physical act of moving comes even more logistical concerns. Getting the furniture there, setting up the telephony and electronics, staying online through it all and servicing customers.Given these factors it is easy to throw your hands up and say, “Is changing offices really worth all this hassle?”

Employee Morale Won’t Rise in an Unfit Space

If your current office is too big, too small, or just plain non-functional, employee morale will suffer.Everybody wants to come to work in a bright and cheerful environment that promotes productivity and creativity. If your company continues to grow and employees are piled on top of each other, they won’t be happy. If there is never a meeting room available when someone needs it, if there is no privacy for important client meetings or calls, attitudes will suffer. Remember, unhappy employees aren’t productive and they don’t stay put for long.

Traffic Problems Are a Business Problem

When access from the road becomes difficult in a growing area or parking starts to become a problem, you’ve got a business problem. Visitors, customers and clients need to be able to get to you easily. They don’t want to make left turns against heavy traffic or pay $10 or more just to park for an hour. Employees don’t want that hassle, either, and it’s unlikely that things will calm down if the area is growing.

A Few Weeks of Discomfort Never Destroyed a Business

Moving is never easy or fun. It requires advanced planning, strict adherence to a schedule, and plenty of contingencies in place when things go wrong – and things will go wrong. But a week or two of discomfort is worth it to end up with an office that you, your employees and your clients love. You may hear some grumbling, but your business won’t fold during a move. Remember, you can experience a smooth move if you take the time to plan, plan and plan some more.Changing offices can be simple when you have a commercial real estate partner who works on your behalf to help you find the perfect space for your needs. If you are in search of new office space in Western Pennsylvania, contact the commercial real estate team at ACRES today. We can’t take all of the hassle out of a move, but we can help you find a space that meets your budget and your needs, ensuring the end result is a happy result.

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