September 24, 2014

Wexford's Premier Shared Office Space: Shared Suites North

As mentioned in many previous posts, Wexford is a prime area for real estate, which makes it an ideal location for businesses.Shared Suites North is a conveniently located shared office space community that gives organizations--both large and small--a strong foundation for success. With the amenities and affordable rent, Shared Suites North is the perfect place for you to start or continue building your business.

A Shared Office Space Ideal for Start Ups

Small businesses have to start somewhere.Leasing a large office building or even an entire floor can be expensive, especially when it’s just your or one other employee. The Shared Suites offers affordable and fair pricing for their accommodating office spaces.Renters are given the opportunity to save money while using their office as a face for their organization. To help the budding entrepreneur in you, Shared Suites North has a number of ideal amenities such as: a shared secretary, mailing, a shared conference room and a shared kitchenette.Most office spaces can be costly, especially for smaller organizations, but this shared office space allows you to save money while enjoying all of the amenities and the professional image of larger spaces.

A Home for Satellite Employees

A lot of larger businesses and national corporations have satellite-serving employees. Often times, a lot of these employees end up doing most of their work from home or the local Starbucks. Although it's nice to be able to work from home--or Starbucks--there's nothing quite like having your own space to escape from the disruptions that both of those places naturally include.Shared Suites North provides all of its tenants with their own spaces to allow them to focus and concentrate exclusively on the work at hand. Since janitorial services are included in rent, you won't have to worry about dusting or cleaning at the end of a long day. There's also complimentary coffee and water available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for you and your guests.

Guaranteed Professional Image

Regardless of your business or the age of your business, maintaining and asserting a professional image is vital for your brand.Shared Suites North is located in a well-kept building within a community of other gorgeous office buildings. Each and every space is taken care of, comes with high-quality furniture and has nearly infinite potential for you to add your personal touch.As we mentioned before, all tenants also benefit from a secretary/ receptionist who is there to greet your guests.

Not Just a Shared Office Space -- A Community for Business

Networking and word of mouth are some of the most crucial aspects for a growing business. The community at Shared Suites North is diverse and ever changing. This gives you access to a number of different organizations who are growing--just like you. When you join Shared Suites North, you're not just getting an office space--you're getting a family of likeminded business people.The quality of spaces in The Shared Suites is unlike any other in the Pittsburgh area. We offer you prime amenities, access to a number of other organizations and an ideal location. At The Shared Suites, you’ll find that you have the ability to save while cultivating the growth of your business. The Shared Suites is the perfect place for you to start your dreams.

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