November 26, 2014

What Thanksgiving & the Office Leasing Process Have in Common

The holiday season is finally upon us again.Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving—a time to catch up with friends and family, enjoy traditions and eat enough food to break your belt. It’s also the official kick off to the holidays to come.So, what could turkey day and the office leasing process possibly have in common?A lot more comparisons and best practices than you’d probably think:

Thanksgiving Dinner Takes Preparation

Creating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner is hardly achieved with a microwave. All of the dishes spread out across the table take time to prepare. In fact, the turkey alone when prepared properly takes several hours in the oven to procure.The office leasing process when done correctly is much the same way. Ideal results aren’t going to be achieved in ten minutes or less. It takes time to approach the necessary steps to cultivate the space of your dreams.Just like letting a turkey cook in the oven for the proper amount of time, the office leasing process requires at least a minimum of three months.

Key Friends and Family Members Gather Around the Table

The meal has been prepared and key friends and family members gather around the table to devour it.This concept exists in securing the best space for your business. For a smooth, successful process, you must be able to get your key decision makers in one room to define your needs. Like Thanksgiving, however, you might only be able to do this once in a while.What’s key is that you define your needs and appoint someone with the availability and decision-making abilities to work alongside your real estate agent.

You Need to Know Your Friends and Family (especially what to ask/what not ask)

There have been countless articles written about properly maneuvering Thanksgiving dinner table conversations. You need to know your friends and family, what they’re opinions are and what to avoid to keep everything as peaceful as possible.Much in the same way, you need to get to know your landlord as you evaluate the right space for your business.

  • What is the management staff like? Do they oversee build out?
  • What are their policies and procedures?
  • What do their tenants say about them?

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