August 7, 2014

Whom to Involve in the Real Estate Process

When going through the real-estate process, you don’t want everyone and their mother involved. Making large decisions requires limited opinions and knowledgeable professionals. You will want to develop relationships with individuals who know how the process works.Here are some of the key players in the game of real estate:

Licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker

What exactly is a licensed commercial real estate broker? A broker acts as a middleman in the leasing or buying process. They look for both buyers/leasers and sellers.Now the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate agent depends on the amount of schooling received. A real estate agent can receive a license and conduct business while the broker has received the same license but continued on with their education.Despite which one you choose, they both do the same job. Your broker, in this case, will work as your advocate. They will do their research, negotiate terms and ultimately secure your space.You will want to develop a strong relationship with your broker and keep the lines of communication open. Should you have any questions, they will be there to assist you through every step of the way.

An Appointed Professional From Your Organization

In order to stay consistent in your leasing process, you should appoint one person who helps with the decision-making and is the main contact for your organization. Having too many opinions and contacts can make things difficult.

A Lawyer

There are instances in which organizations use lawyers to go over any fine print details in the leasing/buying process. Should you need legal advice, it is best to consult both your lawyer and broker. They are there to support you and give you advice.Consulting a lawyer is optional so think about how much you are willing to spend on the leasing process.Keep your team to a minimum. You don’t want to have too many opinions weighing in on your decision-making. Find professionals you work well with and consider your options.

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