July 8, 2015

Why Real Estate Brokers Are Better Than Search Engines

These days you can do almost everything online. Banking, shopping, vacation planning, dating and even medical services can be accessed from your desktop computer or mobile device. Even real estate is accessible online, which can leave many business owners wondering why they need a broker to help them locate commercial real estate (CRE). While doing the work yourself might be tempting, entering the dragon’s den of CRE alone is never advisable.

Search Engines Cannot Diagnose Your Needs

When buying a home, you can quickly put together a list of your family’s needs. When it comes to commercial real estate, however, things become a bit more complicated. While you may be able to find a property online that looks like it meets your needs, a commercial real estate broker can help you work through all of the “what if” scenarios you may not think of on your own.Do you know how to calculate square footage for every employee and how to account for future growth? Do you know how to calculate space and capacity for technology? Will you require special permits? Is there a community development plan in process that could impede customer or delivery truck access to the facility in the future? A search engine can’t always give you the details you need to make a strong real estate decision for your company, but a seasoned real estate broker can sit down with you and help you work through those details from top to bottom.

The Best Deals Aren’t Always Public

Do you want to know a secret about real estate search engines? They aren’t always accurate. Brokers often publically list properties that are already under contract, just in case the deal falls through. This can lead to a lot of lost time and disappointment if you find something you love online only to discover it has already been snapped up.Similarly, real estate search engines are not privy to properties that aren’t listed publically. Working with a broker gives you an inside track to property owners. If a tenant gives notice, the owner may place a call immediately to her own broker to start putting out feelers. If you aren’t working directly with a professional who has a line on these properties, you could miss the opportunity to connect with the perfect space.

Search Engines Can’t Negotiate

If you choose to work on your own to find a new business location, you lack serious negotiating power. Property owners and their brokers can spot a novice a mile away, and some may take advantage of that lack of experience.When you work with a broker, you have a professional negotiator working to get you the best possible deal. They are your advocate at the bargaining table and they are legally obligated to be honest, forthcoming and to put your needs above all else.The best approach may be to conduct some research on your own, but allow your broker to do the legwork and heavy lifting. Wading through the complicated ins and outs of CRE requires a professional, and broker is still better than a search engine because they can advocate for you, connect you with properties that are not online, and they can help you find space that meets your unique needs.The internet makes us all feel like professionals. We diagnose our illnesses with a search, we shop for groceries online, and we can even meet a potential spouse without taking a single finger off the keyboard. Navigating the landscape of commercial real estate might seem as simple as an online search, but the truth is CRE is complicated. The best way to ensure you are able to protect your company’s best interests throughout the process is to work with a professional broker. If you are looking to buy or lease commercial real estate in the Pittsburg’s North Hills, contact the professionals at ACRES for a consultation today.

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