April 22, 2015

Why We Love Wexford Office Space (And You Should, Too!)

The Wexford/Cranberry area is currently exploding with healthy business growth.If you're a regular commuter through the Wexford Flats, you've become accustom to the consistent stream of new businesses popping up in the area. If you haven't been through Wexford in a while then you're in for a serious surprise.So, from a business perspective, you might be wondering "What's the Wexford office space craze all about?"When you're talking about office space, there are several factors that will influence your decision on where to set down and where you may move in the future:

  • Space
  • Convenience
  • Lifestyle

Wexford's ability to deliver in those three categories is why businesses and fans (especially us) are passionate about the area and what it has to offer.

Wexford Has Large Office Spaces

When we say large office spaces, we aren't just talking about the area in which your employees habituate (although that's extremely important). We're also talking about parking.The office choices in the Wexford area are notably abundant with convenient parking for your needs, so your employees and clients will never have to battle for space again or take an extra 20 minutes searching in a parking garage.As it stands currently, there is also a variety of large spaces for mid-to-large-sized businesses, which might not otherwise exist in Pittsburgh at this moment.Determining if your space is too smallSo how do you determine if your current space is too small? A quick punch list:

  • Is there a lack of privacy? You want collaborative, but not invasive. We recommend about 250 square feet per employee for an adequate buffer zone.
  • Have you run out of storage space? Has your overflow of team members overflown into your storage closets? First of all, we feel bad for your employees, but we have to ask the question, where are you putting your equipment?
  • Do you have room for private conversations? In every business setting, it's mission critical to have a sectioned off space for private conversations. If you've given up that private office or conference room because you needed to create extra offices then it's time to consider upgrading.

Wexford is Conveniently Located

Often times when you pick one thing you're giving up another. Often when you pick space, you may be giving up convenience because location plays a big part in space.In this case, you can pick the suburban, business-focused Wexford environment for your business and not sacrifice convenience.First and foremost, Wexford has one of the most competitive selections of retail and necessity shopping in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. It's also continuing to get better every day, especially with the continued development of McCandless Crossings. Everything you could ever need is right at your finger tips.Also, if you need to make your way around, it's extremely easy. Wexford is in close proximity to 2-79 and 76. Translation? A a trip to the city of Pittsburgh is a mere 20 minutes away.

Wexford Offers a High-Quality Lifestyle

Wexford offers more than high-quality office spaces, retail locations and opportunities. It's also home to new developments, one of the best school districts in the state of Pennsylvania and is minutes from North Park.Here are some quick stats on North Park:

  • North park has a total area of 75 acres
  • 18-hole golf course
  • Skating rink
  • Picnic groves
  • Tennis courts
  • Miles of trails
  • A lake with a paved walkway around it
  • Fishing
  • A high-ropes course.

Your business and employees will benefit from this environment, but if you're also looking to live in Wexford, it's one of the best communities around to settle down in.

Looking to Explore Wexford?

Intrigued by Wexford? We'd love to take you on a tour. Email or call us today: (724) 934-4747.

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