July 1, 2014

Why You Should Buy Office Space in Wexford PA

In 2011, Money Magazine ranked Wexford, Pennsylvania as number 28 on their list of Great American Towns. Upon driving down Old Perry Highway, it is readily evident that Money’s rating is correct. This location, just a few miles away from the city of Pittsburgh, is bustling with new businesses making it a prime location for real-estate investment.With that being said, here are a few reasons why you should be buying an office space in Wexford.

1. The Convenience of Office Space in Wexford PA

Wexford is a convenient location for several reasons. First, it is roughly 20 – 30 minutes from Pittsburgh. Meeting with clients and other organizations can be made easier by taking a short drive on I-279 South towards the city. Not only do you have access to companies in the city but they also have close accessibility to you.Second, there are plenty of smaller businesses around the Wexford area that are optimal for work related events. If you have a need for a place to hold a company meeting or a work picnic, there are numerous locations around the area that are ideal for the needs of your growing business--such as the Chadwick and North Park. A number of Wexford organizations will be able to cater to your needs.

2. The Security of Office Space in Wexford PA

As stated previously, Wexford is an area bustling with activity. According to NAICS codes, in 2010, Wexford had a total of 35,035 establishments. It is estimated that this will continue to grow. Prime real estate is continuing to expand in this developing area. You will find that many rental properties are in high demand.In regards to financial stability, Wexford is an incredibly secure place to work and it is also low in crime rates. This area is estimated to be 85% safer than most of the cities in the United States. With an astounding lack of crime in the area, your business and your employees will be safer in Wexford than in a larger city.

3. The Quality of Office Space in Wexford PA

Quality is a common theme throughout Wexford. You will find that there are buildings of all shapes and sizes that will meet your needs. A large percentage of the office space offered in Wexford is Class A and B--meaning that the buildings are between 0-5 years old, in prime locations, well maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

Wexford’s beautiful scenery, quality, convenience and security make it one of the best places to live in the United States. It is easy to see why businesses are booming and families are moving to this area. Wexford’s caliber of life fully attests to Money Magazines ranking.

Ground your business roots into the groundbreaking center of Wexford Pennsylvania by buying an office space unlike any other near Pittsburgh.

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