August 5, 2014

A Guide to the Hotspots of Wexford, PA

Wexford, PA is filled to the brim with exciting hotspots. Not only does this up-and-coming area house one of the best parks in the Pittsburgh area, but it is also a prime location for dining, recreational actives, real estate and more.In this post, we are going to highlight some of the best features of the Wexford area in the hopes that you will want to visit and move into this charming area:


Wexford knows how to eat.Just a few popular dining destinations include Chipotle, Atrias, Patrone Mexican Grill, Zuppas Italian Delicatessen, the Thai Place, Bonnie & Clyde’s, Totin’s Diner, the Walnut Grill, Frescos, Pomodoro’s, China Palace, the Oven Pizza Co., Bella Frutteto and the Franklin Inn.It’s also worth noting that popular brands from Pittsburgh area making their way to the Wexford area.One such restaurant is Over the Bar (OTB). It is conveniently located in the nearly famous North Park Boathouse overlooking the lake. Diners can choose from either indoor or outdoor seating—we personally recommend experiencing nature by sitting on the patio to enjoy your meal.

Over the Bar located in North Park in Wexford, PA

Not only do they have the some of the best fish tacos and French fries in town but they also have an alcohol and espresso bar. Bikers going through the park can lock their rides to the convenient bike rack outside while enjoying their conveniently priced meals.

North Park

While we are on the subject, North Park is one of Wexford’s premier destinations. Visitors can choose from a variety of activities to choose from whether it is exploring one of the many nature trails, swimming in the North Park pool, fishing or kayaking in the lake or playing tennis on one of their beautiful tennis courts. If you drive through recently, you’ll notice a sudden surge in paddle boarders as well.The park covers over 3,075 acres of lush land, which leaves enough room for everyone to enjoy the outdoors without feeling cramped by the hustle and bustle of other park goers.North Park is also conveniently located within fifteen minutes from many office buildings in the Wexford area.

Top Notch Food Shopping Options

With the theme of healthy living in mind, Wexford is quickly becoming known for its incredible food shopping options.Whole Foods--a grocery brand specializing in organic and natural foods--recently moved into the area and has been a hit with the local community ever since.Other options include farm markets such as the legendary Soergel Orchards, which has over 30 varieties of homegrown apples rotating throughout the late summer and fall months.

Car Dealerships

Wexford has access to some of the best car dealerships in the Pittsburgh area. If you are in need of a vehicle to get you to any destination in the north hills, Perry Highway has a variety of brand locations to choose from. From Shults Ford to Bobby Rahal, you will find excellent service and fair prices on automobiles from around the world.Just about every dealership in the area is conveniently located on Perry Highway, giving visitors direct access to many options.

Professional Services

Whether you are looking to buy a home or in need of marketing help, Wexford has it all. This area is full of professional services that can help you run your business or live the life you deserve.There is no shortage of outstanding accountants, wealth managers, doctors, marketing professionals, printers, business consultants and real estate agents (of course).


La Roche college is just minutes from the main hub of Wexford. They are a small school with a lot of influence in the Pittsburgh community. Along with higher education is the North Allegheny school district and the bordering Pine Richland school district.With top-notch conveniences and features, Wexford, PA is a premier place for your business and your family. In the Greater Pittsburgh radius, this is an area that only continues to get better.

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